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What is a Student Housing Co-operative

About the Co-op

Kingston Student Housing Co-operative (KSHC), has been providing affordable housing to students in Kingston since 1941. Today KSHC can accommodate 171 students in 21 houses near the Queen's University campus. The diversity of the members fuels a unique service. Students from all faculties and all post-secondary institutions are welcome.

What does Co-op mean?

In co-operative housing, the residents are the owners. The members  make decisions about their individual house and the organization as a whole that best suit their needs. This approach in providing housing makes Kingston's Student Housing Co-operative a great option for students. There are full-time staff who work for KSCH, but no landlord. The Board of Directors is made up of elected members of the co-operative. The Board is responsible for the direction and overall management of the organization.

What is it like to live in Kingston Student Housing Co-op?

Like most things in life, your co-op experience depends on you and your attitude towards co-operative living. Co-op is a busy social envrionment that encourages people to be outgoing, to meet new people and to get involved. Don't confuse 'busy' and 'social' with 'non-stop-party'. Most co-opers like to study hard during the week and play on the weekends. We have membership rules that each member must follow regarding noise and cleanliness to promote a positive living experience. One member from each house is chosen to be the house manager. Members are responsible for their individual house. They also decorate their houses, organise their cleaning schedules and plan events.

The meal plan program provides a great opportunity to meet other co-op member in the dining hall. 16 meals are provided each week including brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday brunches are open to all co-op members! In order for the meal plan program to operate effectively and efficiently, each meal plan member is required to committ three hours each week to various kitchen duties.

Contact Us

Science 44 Co-op
397 Brock St.
Kingston, ON, Canada

Telephone: +1 (613) 544-4506

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