Meal Plan

For those members who are on our meal plan, all meals are served in the main dining hall at 397 Brock St. Our Meal Plan program provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday. On weekends, brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, staples such as flour, milk and bread, are available to your house each week.

Kingston Student Housing Co-operative has 129 rooms available under the meal plan program. Each of these meal plan members contributes to the meal plan program. Each meal plan member has a mandatory 3 hours of kitchen duties each week and meal plan members who are also House Managers have a mandatory 1.5 hours of kitchen duties each week. Members will be assigned a duty based on their schedule, and a new kitchen schedule is made at the beginning of each term.

If you don’t like to cook, don’t worry! There are numerous duties available in the kitchen. Kitchen duties range from cooking, to dishwashing, to serving.

Living in a meal plan house is not for everyone. If you have special dietary concerns please understand that we may not be able to accommodate you. Please understand that if you accept a room in a meal plan house that you will not receive discounted meal plan fees due to personal dietary requirements.

The full-time kitchen co-ordinator, Jenny Armstrong, plans the menus, organizes recipes, and ensures that there are numerous options available for members at every meal.

Member Meal Plan Fees:

Meal Plan Members
Option 1

September to April (8 months)
16 meals per week

Option 2

September to December
January to April (4 months)
16 meals per week

Non Meal Plan Members
Option 3

September to April (up to 8 months)
10 meals per term


* Meal Plan is not available in the Summer

* The program for non-meal plan members has been put in place by the board of directors to encourage the opportunity for members from both meal plan and non-meal plan programs to meet in a positive setting.