Social Events

Co-op provides an excellent opportunity to meet people you might otherwise not have had the chance to meet, and learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life. There is a thriving social environment right outside your bedroom door. Check it out!

There a few types of events: Those held by co-op, individual house parties, and group planned excursions.

Co-op events are generally held in the main dining hall or a larger venue like the mansion.

House parties are held in individual co-op houses.

Group planned excursions are at nearby attractions.

Equipment/Stereo lending. Co-op has a large sound system that the members can sign out at no cost as well as some other useful items. Co-op offers ice skates, hockey sticks, projectors, projector screen etc.

Party Fund Policy

Each house in Co-op is entitled to $75 from the social and academic fund to host a party in their home upon compliance with the following regulations.

  1. The party must be open to all Co-op Members.
  2. The party must be advertised at least five days in advance of the scheduled party date.  Posters must be placed in the main dining hall and in each of the non-meal houses.
  3. The $75 payment must be approved by the Social-Education Director.
  4. The $75 will be distributed by the office Staff upon receiving copies of receipts for party expenditures.
  5. There will be one $75 payment per house per academic year.
  6. There will only be one $75 payment per weekend.  The money and approval will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.  The Social-Education Director will make the final decision should there be a conflict.
  7. The $75 cannot be spent on alcohol.
  8. Have fun!

Here are some of our most popular events:

Board game night

Murder mystery night

Co-op coffee house

Karaoke night

Halloween house crawl



Co-op boat cruise mixer

Skate night

Pumpkin picking