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The Kingston Student Housing Co-operative currently employs five full-time staff members, five part-time staff, as well as three to five summer staff (often from our members). All of the staff work hard to make the co-op a continued success, whether it be in the kitchen (Thomas, Gail, Sandy, and Amber), maintenance work (Cheryl, and Lianne), in the office (Brent, Emma, and Dawn). While Kingston Student Housing Co-op follows cooperative principles, and Co-opers do a lot of work for the organization, we could not provide the outstanding service without our dedicated staff members.

General Manager – Brent Bellamy
The General Manager is responsible for the operation of the co-operative in accordance with the policies and bylaws of the co-op. It is the General Manager’s responsibility to work with staff and to support the Board of Directors in providing successful operations. Brent works closely with the Board of Directors, providing direction on budgeting, policy changes, and personnel management. The GM participates in all levels of the operation and maybe even in the kitchen washing dishes.
Maintenance Coordinator – Cheryl Gould

The Maintenance Coordinator makes sure KSHC properties are maintained and kept in good order. The MC does repairs and renovations and organizes contractors. Cheryl also directs and supervises the work crew, with additional staff in the summer, which is our busiest time for repairs and renovations. Cheryl is available should you have any problems with the maintenance of your house. You can reach her by email or through the office.

Kitchen Coordinator – Thomas Brabant

The Kitchen Coordinator teaches and supervises meal preparation, oversees the food budget, orders food, plans meal menus and just about everything else that happens in the kitchen. Thomas also looks after supply distribution. If you have questions or concerns about food or supplies email Thomas or call the office.

Member Services Coordinator – Dawn Pike

The Member Services Coordinator provides direct assistance to the members of the organization, from first contact through to check out. Dawn is responsible for receiving and processing applications and assisting members. The MSC position ensures the members feel welcome and cared for while they are here at Kingston Student Housing Co-operative. The MSC is also the first person you see when you come to the office.

Accountant/Financial Coordinator – Emma Redmond

The Accounting Clerk position ensures member fees are current and vendor’s invoices are accurate and paid in a timely manner. The staff appreciates Emma for ensuring they are paid on a regular basis. Emma is responsible for the accuracy of all accounting records.

Kitchen Staff – Sandy,