The Kingston Student Housing Co-operative is well recognized in the student housing coop circle throughout North America for the energy improvements program we have put into action in our houses.  

Over the past 15 years we have completed energy efficiency upgrades to all 21 properties owned by the co-op. The effort in the long term has provided savings to the members and savings in energy consumption for the organization.

The total work to date has resulted in a 50% reduction in both electrical and water usage or 210,000 kilowatt hours and 6.0 million litres of water annually.  We have also switched equipment from electricity and oil to high efficiency gas equipment; which has increased our gas usage by 10% but reduced our oil usage by 100% (42,000 litres) as well as reduced our electricity needs.

What did we do, you ask!

  • Put in over 500 energy efficient windows
  • Put in 50 energy efficient exterior doors
  • Changed 56 toilets from 20 and 13 litre to 3 litre units
  • Switched 1,150 incandescent bulbs to LED light bulbs
  • Eliminated 14 inefficient hot water tanks and 10 boilers with 10 combination
  • 96% high efficiency boilers
  • Put new energy efficient laundry units throughout the organization
  • Added insulation to houses
  • Added energy efficient commercial dish washer and an on-demand water heater

A representative from Utilities Kingston said that we have saved enough electricity to power 21 standard houses in the City of Kingston

What did we do? We made a difference!  

Note: 6.0 million litres of water is the equivalent to 83 standard in ground pools.