Summer Stays

Kingston Student Housing Co-operative rents rooms during the May to August summer months to both members and non-members.

If you are interested in housing with KSHC during the summer months, please fill out an online application available here making sure to indicate your precise arrival and departure dates.

The cost of a room for Summer members is $482.50/month plus a $150 performance deposit and a $25 membership fee. This price includes rent, furnishings utilities, laundry, internet and cleaning supplies but does not include a meal plan, telephone or cable television. These must be arranged on an individual or house basis upon arrival.

More Questions?

Members have until March 24th to book their rooms for the summer. Non-members can fill out an online application at any time. After March 24th non-members will be contacted by the office to arrange room bookings.

Please visit our Houses Page here to view our properties.

You may be offered a choice of rooms within a house but the office will likely select a house and room for you based on availability.

It is difficult to say how many people you will be living with but they will most likely be students studying or working in Kingston for the summer. We try to group people together in houses so that you can meet new people and feel safe and comfortable.

Your house will come equipped with internet – Landlines are the responsibility of the summer members if they choose to have one.

You will sign what is called a ‘Summer Occupancy Agreement’, which is similar to a lease. This contract will outline that you are required to keep your room and house in good condition and that you are to peacefully cohabitate with your housemates throughout the length of your stay.

For summer rentals we require post dated checks, debit payments or e-transfers  for each month you will live in co-op.