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Q:    How does the application process work?  
A:   Applications are reviewed by the board of directors based on the merit of each applicant.  You should receive a confirmation e-mail within one week of submitting your online application. If you do not, please contact the office to make sure you application was received.

 If your application is accepted you will be contacted by the Member Services Co-ordinator. Following the acceptance process, you will be asked to complete a room preference form. Your responses will be used to determine room options. Please understand that room offers are made based on room availability. Once your room choice has been accepted, a Letter of Confirmation will need to be completed and a $750 deposit will be required.

Q:    When do I first need to make a payment?
A:    Once your room choice has been completed, you will be sent a Letter of Confirmation. You will have 10 business days to return this letter along with your $750.00 deposit. The next payment will be required once you sign your membership contracts upon arrival receive your invoice. Visit our Fees page for further information.

Q:    Can I choose my housemates?
A:    You can make a request to live with specific people on your application. We will try to accommodate you as best as possible based on room availability.  Living in KSHC is a fantastic way to meet new people and we hope if you are applying that you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Q:    Can I share a room with someone?
A:    Yes, shared accommodation is possible in some rooms. Please inquire with the office.

Q:    What about pets?
A:     Pets are allowed, so long as they have no fur or feathers (for allergy reasons).

Q:    Can I bring my own furniture?
A:    If your room is on the ground floor or second floor you are welcome to bring your own furniture provided you inform the office at least 6 weeks prior to your move in date. Furniture is not to be removed from third floor or attic rooms.

Q:    What furniture will KSHC provide?
A:    Co-op will provide you with a single box spring and mattress, a dresser, a desk and a desk chair. You may also find a bookcase or mirror in your room but these items are not guaranteed. You may request some or all of these items to be removed from your room if you live on a ground floor or second floor room and give due notice to the office.

Q:    Where are the laundry facilities?
A:    KSHC has laundry available in three locations: 397 Brock St., 366 Albert St., and 320 William St. The machines do not require coins and laundry detergent is included. Members pay $40 per semester.

Q:    I have special diet requirements. Can I still use the meal plan?
A:    The meal plan can accommodate a variety of diets. If you have special dietary needs, you need to contact the office to discuss your concerns. All special dietary requirements need to be reviewed and accepted by the Kitchen Co-ordinator prior to acceptance in the meal plan program. Please understand that if you accept a room in a meal plan house that you will not receive discounted meal plan fees due to personal dietary requirements.

Q:    What if I can't make it to my kitchen shift?
It is your responsibility to find another member to cover your shift, and you must inform the Kitchen Co-ordinator of the change. However, if the member does not show up, you will be held responsible.

Q:    I have a car. Where can I park it?
A:    Parking is available to members at a rate of $100/term. Parking is offered on a first come, first served basis so please let the office know as soon as possible if you require a parking spot.

Q:   Is internet included in the cost of my room?
A:   KSHC is not responsible for providing phone, internet and cable. Typically housemates get together the first week of September/January to make these arrangements and then split the cost equally. Please note that phone and internet services are provided to members living at 397 Brock St., and 287 Alfred St., at a cost of $125 for 8 months.

Q:    My question hasn't been answered here. What should I do?
A:    Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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