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Fees for accommodation and the meal plan program are determined by the members each year at a General Member Meeting. Fees are set to allow us to provide both quality and affordable housing. Kingston Student Housing Co-op is a non-profit organization that strives to maintain an affordable cost of living.
Utilities, cleaning supplies, monthly cleaning of common areas, and furnishings are included in your fees.


Fee Listing 2017/2018

Member Accommodation Fees:

Length of Contract     Start Date     Rate Rates Include:
12 Months

Sept 1st - Aug 31st

  $ 6,490.65

- Utilities

- Low Impact Energy 

- Furnishings     

- Cleaning Supplies

- Monthly Cleaning of Common Areas

- House Manager Program

- Social Events

- Member Board

  8 Months Sept 1st - April 30th   $ 5,090.65
  4 Months - Sept 1st - Dec 31st   $ 3173.53
  4 Months - Jan 1st - April 30th   $ 3173.53
Summer Months - Member May 1st - Aug 31st   $ 350/month
    - Member Summer Only May 1st - Aug 31st   $ 400/month
    - Member Storage Only May 1st - Aug 31st   $ 150/month


Member Meal Plan Fees:

$2,616.43 (September to April -16 meals per week and more)

$1,350.00 (September to December or January to April - 16 meals per week and more) 

* No meal plan is offered in the summer months

Member Non-Meal Plan Fees:

$130 – 10 meals per term (September to April)

 $65 – 10 meals (September to December or January to April)

* The meal plan program for non-meal plan members has been put in place by the board of directors to encourage the opportunity for members from both meal plan and non-meal plan programs to meet in a positive setting.


Room Size Adjustment:
Please note that room size charges are a one-time payment. The fees listed here are for an 8-month lease. The 4-month room size charges are exactly half of the 8-month fees.

X-Small 3 rooms -$300 80 sq. ft (<7.30m2)
Small 24 rooms -$150 81-100 sq ft (7.53m2 - 9.29 m2)
Regular 62 rooms $0 100-125 sq ft (9.29-11.61 m2)
Medium 38 rooms $150 125-150 sq ft (11.61-13.94 m2)
Large 34 rooms $300 150-175 sq ft (13.94-16.26 m2)
X-Large 6 rooms $450 175-200 sq ft (16.26-18.58 m2)
Jumbo 4 rooms $600 200+ sq ft (18.58+ m2)

*Note: Rooms at 374/376 Earl St., and 287 Alfred St. are charged a $100/month premium.

Laundry Fee: $35.00 per semester. (New system) Coins are not required to run laundry machines. Laundry detergent  available at machines to members who choose to use it.

New Member Fees:

Refundable Capital Loan: $50 (Payable after 4 years)
Refundable Performance Deposit: $300 (Paid with room deposit, payable after departure)
One Time Membership fee:

Payment Schedule

Fees for an 8-month lease are normally paid in three installments: a $750 deposit, September 30th fees and January 31st fees. Fees for a 4-month lease are paid in two installments: a $750 deposit and September 30th or January 31st Fees. Payments can be made in cash, money order, debit, or cheque made out to 'Science'44 Co-operative Inc.' 

First Payment
$750 deposit upon acceptance. This deposit includes a $450 deposit towards your accommodation fees, as well as a $300 refundable performance deposit. Should you cancel you reservation (this must be done in writing or via email), this amount is refunded on the following sliding scale:

September Enrollment          January Enrollment Refund
On or before April 30th On or before October 30th $600
May 1st to June 30th November 1st to November 15th $500
July 1st to July 30th November 16th to November 29th $400
August 1st to August 31st November 30th to December 31st $300
After September 1st After January 1st $0

Second Payment
8-month lease: 62.5% of outstanding fees plus new member fees by September 30th
4-month lease: 100% of outstanding fees plus new member fees by September 30th or January 31st

Third Payment
8-month lease: Remaining balance of fees by January 31st

Payment Options

All payments must be made in Canadian funds. All fees associated with payments will be transferred back to the Member.

In the form of:
  • Canadian Currency
  • Personal cheque drawn on a Canadian bank account

     All cheques and money orders are payable to: 'Science '44 Co-operative Inc.'

  • Money Order
  • Transferwise - box 1 - 828, box 2 -14442, box 3 - 0007398115 (Please include the email).
  • Pay Pal transfer to: Understand that Pay Pal transfers are expensive and all related charges will be transferred back to the member.
  • E-transfer
  • Debit
  • Bank transfer (International students only $771.50):

Please take into consideration that our bank will deduct a service charge of approximately $21.50 from the amount of the transfer. Science '44 Co-operative does not cover this charge. Therefore, if you are paying for your deposit via an International Bank Transfer, your deposit total should be $771.50 CAD.

The following information is required for bank transfers:

Pay direct to:

Central 1 Credit Union

Beneficiary Bank

SWIFT field 57
Member Route and transit:  828-14442
Central 1 Credit Union               
1441 Creekside Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J 4S7                                                      

Beneficiary Customer:

SWIFT field 59
Account Number:  0007398115 (IBAN) 7398115
Science 44 Kingston Student Housing Co-op (KSHC)
397 Brock St Kingston On, Canada K7L-1T3


Contact Us

Science 44 Co-op
397 Brock St.
Kingston, ON, Canada

Telephone: +1 (613) 544-4506

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