Whether you have a lot of stuff or a little, we have the room for you. Co-op has a large selection of sizes to choose from.

Not only does co-op give you the opportunity to meet people from all over and create lasting friendships, Co-op also provides rooms in a variety of sizes to meet each student’s needs.

Each room in Co-op is supplied with one bed, one desk, one desk chair, one chest of drawers, and a wardrobe (if there is not a closet). Providing furniture in the rooms can make moving a lot less stressful for new students.

If you live on the first or second floor of your house, you can bring your own furniture and have these items removed, third floor rooms must remain furnished. Houses that must remain furnished are 287 Alfred, 397 Brock St and Apt A&B of 374/376 Earl St.


Did You Know…

Co-op uses only recycled paint? We strive to be as sustainable as possible so painting the co-op rooms in recycled paint just makes sense economically and environmentally. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability (link to sustainability content page)